Validity: Nil

We backwash Basic filters along with Pre-filter and clean the storage tank. We suggest if any spares replacement and if used charge the cost of spares separately.

Rs. 200

Validity: 10 days from installation date. Valid only if any water leak occurs from the joints connected during installation.

We Re-Install Domestic RO Water Purifiers along with Pre-Filter installation. We check the TDS and adjust the TDS if the facility is available in the purifier.

Rs. 350

Validity: Nil

We safely remove the equipment and de-install the tap connections and pack the machine if the packing is available.

Rs. 300

Validity: 15 days for service charges.

We find out the reason for breakdown and rectify the problem. If any spare is required to replace, we do replacements and charge the spares cost extra.

Rs. 250