Welcome to Blue Bell RO Systems

To became Global Leader in providing Health solutions by creating Innovative products for Our customers to making their lives healthy & comfortable.
blue bell by BBROS is a customer facing brand that creates products which are beyond one's imagined to be the best amongest peers, so that they can goodness into the lives of all its customer.
The whole idea to bring " blue bell" into existence come from one point vision.
To promote the idea of driking pure & living healthy.
Our vision is that customer should get " Value for the money" by getting
"Right Product at Right Price"

Blue bell believes that when you share water. you share goodness. That's why blue bell MAC technology does more than just purify water. Its balance the pH and TDS of water and retains minerals in the water. Making it truly good to drink. So go ahead, get one and shart sharing the goodness.
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Bluebell Gold Star Alkaline RO Purifier

  • RO+ UV+ UF+TDS Adjuster+ MAC (Alkaline Cartridge).
  • 7 Purification Stages
  • Double Protection RO+UV.
  • Adds/ Retain Essential Minerals & Maintain ORP and pH level of purified water and prevent regeneration of bacteria in water till 90 days.
  • 12 Ltrs. Storage Tank (Approx).
  • Get 15 liters of pure and healthy water per hour.
  • Food Grade, non breakable, ABS plastic construction.
  • Elegant design with transperent front
  • Suitable for raw water fram all types of source like bore well, overhead storage tanks, water tankers and even munitial taps.
  • Water Tank Indicator.
  • Wall mountable/table top.
  • Suitable for water with TDS upto 3000 ppm.
  • Extranal Pre-filter with anti scalant midea (Free)
  • 12 Month warranty, free installation, 1 year free service
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Blue Bell Gold Plus RO Purifier

  • RO+ UV+ TDS Adjuster+ Water taste Enhancer.
  • Best suited for mounting on walls.
  • 7 Stage Purification.
  • External Pre Filter with Antiscalant (Free)
  • 12 Ltrs. Storage Tank (Approx).
  • High Purification Capacity 15 Ltr/hr.
  • Food Grade, non breakable, ABS plastic construction.
  • Water Tank Indicator.
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